Afri Skins Trading CC

All Afri Skins game products are 100% natural, endemic to Namibia, tanned and graded by a world award winning tannery and according to international standards. WWF has recognized Namibia for its outstanding conservation achievements with a Gift to the Earth Award. There are 79 communal conservancies — community wildlife management units — across Namibia, covering one fifth of the country’s land and involving one in ten of its citizens. All our skins are legally obtained through government conservation management and we pride ourselves in assisting with this very important function and funding of conservation policies. All sizes given are approximate, not exact.

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We Are Excellent, Affordable And Friendly.

Bio degradable

natural product

Hearts and mind changing regarding the value of natural fur/ against the danger of faux fur (plastic) and the danger/polution of faux fur (plastics) against the natural environment.

Wide application in fashion, garments, natural product against cold elements in a wide area of protective clothing from work to defense industry

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